About Me

If you’re like me, you haven’t really looked after your financial health. You probably don’t have a lot of savings, and you’re renting because you can’t afford a down payment on a house or apartment.

And let’s be honest, that sucks. When you’re younger it might be cool to have the laisser faire and YOLO (please forgive me) attitude, splurging your money on stupid stuff. When you’re young, you get away with it.

When you’re getting older (does being over 30 count as being old?) you realise that you’re falling behind.

Sure, there’s more to life than money, I realise that. But what instead of working for money, your money works for you?

Suddenly your life frees up. You find the time to do things you like, rather than things you have to do.

That’s why I created passiveincomefire.com. It’s me working towards that elusive goal of being financially stable, and free. It’s me hoping my journey motivates you to do the same.

Let’s get at it!